Technical Capabilities

We have executed the exploration projects for all metallic mineral. We have the technical Knowledge of Drilling holes upto the depth of 2000 m and in India we have successfully completed holes upto the depth of 650m. We have a varied mix of 20 hydrostatic and 30 Hydraulic Chinese Rigs which helps us to execute projects in most inaccessible terrains and in all seasons.

We are a notified private exploration company by Ministry of Mines. We have adequate capital and are funded by FINNFUND development finance institution of Finland Government and affiliated to World Bank. We are in a position to increase our Rig strength as and when demanded by the market conditions. All our operations are strictly monitored by their auditors and we strictly follow IFC standards of Environment, Occupational Safety and social management.

Kati has the patented closed system of Drilling where zero environment damage is ensured and we also are in the process of adapting the technology in a cost effective way.

Hydrostatic Rigs
Chinese Rigs
Mechanical Rigs